Friday, May 22, 2015

200 NEW bits MAY 2015

Police duty meet questions 22.05.2015

1.       Benzedene is a dye which when (oxidised) forms blue colour.

2.       The confirmatory test for the identification of old stains is the formation of [specific] crystals.

3.       The specimen writings camouflaged by the writer from his usual  style are called [disguised]writings.

4.       Hang fire means _______________________ [ delayed ignition}.

5.       Shape of trajectory of bullet is __________________[parabolic].

6.       Range is the distance from ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­____________________ [ end of barrel to the target]

7.       Revolver’s cartridge cases are rimmed .

8.       Three close range effects are ___________, _____________ &_____________ [ scorching, blackening, & tattooing].

9.       Gun powder is a low explosive .

10.   Saliva is identified by amylase test.

11.   Type AB will have __________ antigens and ______antibodies [   ]

12.   GSR can be detected by thermal nitrate test.

13.   One cannot write twice exactly alike . true.

14.   Constant disguise of perons’s writing is practically impossible. True.

15.   Propellent is a  high explosive . false.

16.   9 mm pistol catridge cannot be fired from 9 mm calibre sten or carbine. True.

17.   Alcohol stimulates the CNS. False.

18.   A fracture line will not terminate at an existing line . TRUE.

19.   Explosive mixture .

a.       Potassium chlorate + sulphur

b.      Potassium chloride + arsenic sulphide

c.       Mg

d.      Gun powder                                       [c]

20.   What is the safety precaution that needs to be taken for throw down type country made bombs used.

a.       Keep them in a bottle containing water

b.      Keep them In a card board box

21.   Smokeless gun powder

a.       T&T

b.      RDX

c.       NC

d.      NG                                                 [C&D]

22.   Poison pen letters are called

a.       Normal letters

b.      Suicide letters

c.       Anonymous letters

d.      Abnormal letters                         [c]

23.   The most frequently used equipment used by a document expert is



c.       MIRROR                 [B]

24.   Science of hand writing

a.       Graphology

b.      Calligraphy

c.       Graphicoscopy

d.      Biography                       [c]

25.   The specimen signatures / writings should be taken from the suspect

a.       By dictation

b.      in different intervals

c.       in the court

d.      all of them                   [d]

26.   when an object strikes a flat piece of glass, investigation is feasible with the help of

a.       conchoidal fractures

b.      radial fractures

c.       concentric fractures

d.      a &c 

e.      b&c                                                        [c]

27.   paint appears as evidence in

a.       hit and run cases

b.      automobiles

c.       burglary

d.      all of them                                          [d]

28.   riflings impart

a.       linear motion

b.      angular motion

c.       spinning

d.      irregular motion                               [c]

29.   the main intoxicating adulterant in toddy

a.       alcohol

b.      chloral hydrate

c.       sugar

d.      soda                                                      [b]

30.   micro scopic evidences are otherwise known as

a.       trace evidence                                                  [a]

31.    blindness is one of the complications in

a.       Ethyl alcohol poisoning

b.      Methyl alcohol poisoning

c.       Organo phos poisoning

d.      Metallic poisoning

32.   While investigating a case of murder by poisoning, the police recovered ash and few pieces of burnt bones fromthe funeral pyre. Which of the following poisons can be detected on chemical analysis of these materials

a.       Copper sulphate

b.      Opium

c.       Aconite

d.      Arsenic

33.   Most of the poisons after absorption are modified or detoxified by

a.       Kidney

b.      Liver

c.       Pancreas

d.      Spleen

34.   Viscera is not needed in cases of poisoning by

a.       Insecticides

b.      Rodenticides

c.       Snake bites

d.      Sedative drugs

35.   Powder glass and diamond dust are classified

a.       Corrosive poisons

b.      Mechanical poisons

c.       Cardiac poisons

d.      Spinal poisons

36.   The most important organ that needs to be analysed for detection of carbon monoxide poisoning

a.       Stomach

b.      Lung

c.       Blood

d.      Urine

37.   Drunken driving can be proved from

a.       Presence of alcohol in stomach wash

b.      Alcohol concentration in breath

c.       Blood alcohol concentration

d.      Urine alcohol concentration

38.   One of the principal constituents of brown sugar is

a.       Morphine

b.      Cane sugar

c.       Heroin

d.      Milkpowder

39.   Which of the following is mild hallucinogenic drug

a.       Diazepam

b.      Ganja

c.       Barbiturate

d.      Methaqualone

40.   One of the following is used as stupefying agent for road side robbery

a.       Datura

b.      Madar juice

c.       Mercury

d.      Copper sulphate

41.   Carboxy haemoglobin is a compound of haemoglobin and

a.       Carbon dioxide

b.      Oxygen

c.       Nitrogen

d.      Carbon monoxide

True or false

42.   Consumption of barbiturates / sleeping pills in a drunken state poses a serious threat to the user.                                                                                                            TRUE

43.   Common salt is a emetic agent .                                                                TRUE

44.   Alcohol is a stimulant.                                                                    True

45.   Charas is a product of cannabis plant.                                     TRUE

46.   Yellow oleander seeds are cardiac  poison

47.   Selection of poison by the victim depend upon his knowledge regarding its potential and easy availability.                                                                            TRUE

48.   Most of the poisons in use are legitimate use either  as prescription drugs or in agriculture and in industry.                                                                                           TRUE

49.   The word narcotic refers to a substance capable to induce sleep.              TRUE

50.   The most abused drug of today HEROIN falls under semi synthetic drugs category . TRUE

51.   The chronic narcotic drug user may suffer from malnutrition.      TRUE.

52.   The most commonly used abused drugs are cocaine and amphetamine.                                TRUE.

53.   YELLOW phosphorous  is poisonous while red phosphorous is non poisonous.    True

54.   Strychnine is a spinal poison.                                                                                      TRUE.

55.   Soil is a

a.       Compound

b.      Crystal

c.       Mixture

d.      Element                                               [c]

56.   At the point where an object strikes a window glass it puts

a.       Tension on the outer surface and compression on the inner surface

b.      Compression on the inner surface and tension on the inner surface

c.       Compression on both the surfaces

d.      Tension on both the surfaces                     [a]

57.   The engine and chassis numbers on the vehicles come under

a.       Cast marks

b.      Punched marks

c.       Engraved marks

d.      None                                                     [b]

58.   Paint evidence can play an important role

a.       Hit and run case

b.      Automobile accident

c.       Burglary

d.      All                                                                           [d]

59.   If the tool mark was made in steel, the standard should be made in

a.       Steel

b.      Lead

c.       Wood

d.      Any one                                               [b]


60.   All the crime scene soil samples should be taken from several random points around the crime scene. TRUE.

61.   A contraction of glas panes by bullets reveals from which direction but also angle and type of ammunition.                                                                          TRUE.

62.   XRAY diffraction is a destructive method.                                             FALSE.

63.   Glass is a mixture of cilicates and carbonates.                     TRUE

64.   Colour comparison must be made always when all the samples are dried under identical lab conditions.                                                                                                TRUE.


66.   A comparison of the density of soil particles is readily accomplished through the use of DENSITY GRADIENT TUBES.

67.   The principle involved in the restoration of erased numbers is variation in density.

68.   Spectrographic analysis is used to determine the elemental composition of the sample.

69.   Striated tool  marks are formed due to  sticking contact between tool and surface of the object.

70.   The identification marks on various articles CAST MARKS, ENGRAVED MARKS, PUNCHED MARKS.


Elemental composition
Striations on bullet
Quantitative analysis

72.   No other type of investigation of blood will yield so much useful information as an analysis of blood distribution pattern” this statement was made by

a.       Henry G Lee

b.      GFSensabaugh

c.       Paul Kirk

d.      Richard safferstein                                          [c]

73.   The serological evidence should be carefully collected and packed in

a.       Polythene packets

b.      Cloth paper packets

c.       Plastic bags

d.      Dusty jute bags                                                                 [b]

74.   Liquid blood from scene of crime can be collected by

a.       Clean medicine dropper

b.      Clean polythene paper

c.       Clean gauze cloth

d.      Newspaper                                        [c]

75.   Preliminary test for identification of blood is carried on by

a.       Precipitin test

b.      Phenolphthalein test

c.       Flame test

d.      Elution test                                         [b]

76.   Techniques for positive identification of blood in questioned stains are based on the detection of the presence of

a.       Heme

b.      Antigens

c.       Anti bodies

d.      Acid                                                       [a]

77.   An enzyme that can spped up a chemical reaction in the blood identification test is

a.       Peptidase

b.      Phosphotase

c.       Peroxidise                                           [c]

78.   A chemical test that is very useful indicating small traces of blood at the crime scene is

a.       Positive reaction with blood causes luminescence – luminal. [a]

79.   One of the micro crystalline tests for identification of blood is

a.       Kastle meyer test

b.      Takayama  test

c.       Flory test                                                             [b]

80.   Antibody reacts with a specific antigen—this principle is applied in

a.       Identification of saliva

b.      Identification of semen

c.       Identification of human blood

d.      Identification of fecal matter                                      [c]

81.   One of the techniques to detect origin of species of blood is

a.       Gel diffusion method

b.      Acetone chloro haemen

c.       Benzendene test

d.      Eddnan’s test                                                    [a]

82.   Unnecessary exposure of blood to heat, moisture with bacterial contamination will only serve to shorten survival time of its

a.       RBC

b.      WBC


d.      PLASMA                               [c]                          

83.   The fluid portion of blood is called

a.       Serum

b.      Plasma

c.       Platelets

d.      Antigens                              [b]

84.   Which of the following resides on the surface of each RBC

a.       Antigen

b.      Antibody

c.       Clots

d.      Pus                                         [a]

85.   AB blood group has

a.       No antigens

b.      Anti A and anti B antigens

c.       ABC antigens

d.      O antigens                                                          [b]

86.   Secretor status is due to

a.       Secretion of BGS in body fluids

b.      Secretion of anti bodies in body fluids

c.       Secretion of antigens and enzymes in body fluids

d.      Secretion of serum in urine                         [a]

87.   The following test is conducted to identify seminal stains

a.       Mixed agglutination test

b.      Acid phosphatase test

c.       Iodine test

d.      Lactic acid test                   [b]

88.   Amylase is an enzyme found in

a.       Blood

b.      Semen

c.       Saliva

d.      Milk                       [c]

89.   Enzyme that exists in different forms are known as

a.       Mono morphic

b.      Poly morphic

c.       Multi purpose

d.      Inhibition                             [b]

90.   Sexual crimes may involve males who have an abnormal low sperm count- this condition is known as

a.       Aspermia

b.      Polygo spermia

c.       P30

d.      Spermine                            [b]

91.   Blood group of non secretors is detected in

a.       Urine

b.      Blood

c.       Semen

d.      Saliva                                                     [b]

92.   Cyclonite which is a extremely powerful and high explosive is also known as

a.       Dynamite

b.      ANFOL

c.       TNT

d.      RDX                                                        [d]

93.   During an explosion shock waves can

a.       Travel through water

b.      Cannot travel through water

c.       Travel to a certain distance only

d.      None of the above                                          [a]

94.   The fertilizer ammonium nitrate is used as explosive substance by mixing with

a.       Water

b.      Charcoal

c.       Sulphuric acid

d.      Fuel oil                                                                  [c]

95.   The present day detectors used in detection of hidden explosives make use of the property

a.       Shape

b.      Vapour

c.       Structure

d.      Size                                                                        [b]

96.   An innocent looking device designed to explode in a specific manner for causing extensive damage is called an

a.       Incendiary device

b.      Target audience

c.       Improvised explosive device

d.      None of the above                                          [c]

97.   If the disputed signature is legible, then the standards to be collected for comparison are

a.       Legible signatures

b.      Admitted writings

c.       Specimen writings

d.      All the above                                                     [d]

98.   Under what legal provisions, the court is empowered to collect specimen writings/ signatures for the purpose of comparison

a.       Identification of prisoner’s act

b.      293 crpc

c.       47 IEA

d.      None of the above                                          [d]

99.   What materials can be used to write the secret writings

a.       Fruit juice

b.      Onion juice

c.       Copper sulphate

d.      All the above                                                     [d]

100.                        The  security printing in a genuine currency note can be seen with  the help of

a.       IR light

b.      Oblique light

c.       Stereo microscope

d.      UV light                                                                                [c]

101.                        The lines observed in a genuine currency note in the water mark block are called

a.       Zig zag lines

b.      Criss cross lines

c.       Parallel lines

d.      None of the above                                          [b]

102.                        Personal appearance of the expert in the court to give evidence is exempted under the following legal provisions

a.       45 IEA

b.      47 IEA

c.       73 IEA

d.      293 CR PC                                            [d]

103.                        The hidden water marks in a currency note can be seen under

a.       UV LIGHT

b.      Transmitted light

c.       IR LIGHT

d.      Oblique light                                      [b]

104.                        Charred writings can be deciphered under

a.       IR LIGHT

b.      UV LIGHT

c.       Transmitted light

d.      Oblique light

e.      A&d

f.        A&b                                                       [e]

105.                        If a suicide note is found on a table, the IO has to

a.       Send the table intact to FSL

b.      Photograph of the writings may be sent

c.       Requisition may be sent to FSL for deputing the expert and the photographer

d.      Any of the above                                                             [c]

106.                        If the disputed writings found on a cloth, the standards to be collected for comparison

a.       On similar cloth only

b.      On a white paper

c.       A&b

d.      None                                     [b]

107.                        One of the following si sometimes sufficient to detect a counterfeit currency

a.       Hand lens

b.      Oblique light

c.       IR light

d.      UV light                                                [a]

108.                        Elevated printing positions in a currency note is printed with process known as

a.       Dry offset printing

b.      Screen priting

c.       Hand printing

d.      Lithography

e.      None                                     [e]

109.                        Minimum number of standard signatures required for comparison are

a.       Five

b.      Seven

c.       Ten

d.      No fixed number                                             [d]

110.                        Stamp impressions are compared by

a.       Preparing juxtaposition chart

b.      Buy keeping side by side

c.       By super imposition

d.      None                                                     [c]

111.                        For comparing printed matter, the IO has to send

a.       Printed blocks

b.      Prints taken from the block

c.       Both a & b

d.      Either a or b                                        [b]

112.                        The art of determining personality through handwritings is called

a.       Holography

b.      Graphology

c.       Calligraphy

d.      Polography                                         [b]

113.                        Handwriting exam is

a.       Science

b.      Art

c.       Art and science

d.      None                                                                     [c]

114.                        Charred documents are

a.       Soiled

b.      Water soaked

c.       Oil soaked

d.      None of the above                                          [d]

115.                        In type writing, a character prints heavier on one side is known as

a.       Malalignment

b.      Rebound

c.       Escapement

d.      Off its feet                                                          [d]

116.                        In type writing, a character prints double impressions is termed as

a.       Transitory defect

b.      Rebound

c.       Escapement

d.      None of the above                                          [b]

117.                        Yellow stains in a document indicates

a.       Poor quality paper

b.      Physical erasures

c.       Continuous exposure to UV light

d.      None of the above                                          [d]

118.                        A genuine currency note is made of

a.       Multiple layers

b.      Two layers

c.       Single layer

d.      None                                                     [c]

119.                        What following can sometimes be developed on a document

a.       Erasures

b.      Fingerprints

c.       Secret writings

d.      All the above                                     [d]

120.                        The best evidence when the original documents are lost

a.       Photostat

b.      Computer print

c.       Negatives

d.      All                                                           [c]

121.                        Abnormal writings are those which are written in

a.       Natural course

b.      Police station

c.       Railway station

d.      None                                                     [d]

122.                        Forgery done by keeping the model signature is termed as

a.       Free hand forgery

b.      Forgery by impersonation

c.       Forgery by memory

d.      None                                                     [d]

123.                        Court can compel a person to give his writings for the purpose of comparison under the following sections

a.       45 IEA

b.      293 CR PC

c.       47 IEA

d.      73 IEA                                                    [d]

124.                        Forgery done without model signature is termed as

a.       Traced forgery

b.      Forgery by impersonation

c.       Free hand forgery

d.      None                                                                     [c]

125.                        Mechanical erasers can be detected under

a.       Transmitted light

b.      Stereo microscope

c.       Magnifier

d.      All                                                                           [d]

126.                        A traced forgery can be detected by observing

a.       Indentations

b.      Carbon outlines

c.       Pencil outlines

d.      All                                                                           [d]

127.                        Transmitted light source is useful in examination of

a.       Water mark

b.      Traced forgeries

c.       Erasures

d.      All                                                                           [d]

128.                        For comparing disputed signature number of standard signatures required are

a.       Five

b.      Ten

c.       Fifteen

d.      None of the above                                          [d]

129.                        Genuine signature with forged document

a.       Transplantation

b.      Forgery over genuine signature

c.       Impersonation

d.      All the above                                                     [d]

130.                        Hundred rupee note is printed at

a.       At india security press nasik

b.      At bank note press dewas

c.       At govt paper factory hoshangabad

d.      At govt mint Hyderabad                                                [b]

131.                        Lie detection examination is conducted using

a.       Relevant  questions

b.      Irrelevant questions

c.       Control questions

d.      All the above                                                     [d]

132.                        Radial fractures in a glass sheet originate from

a.       The impact side

b.      Reverse side of the force application

c.       Edge of the broken glass

d.      The crater shaped hole of the glass                         [b]

133.                        Ten rupee note is printed at

a.       At india security press nasik

b.      At bank note press dewas

c.       At govt paper press hoshangabad

d.      At govt mint Hyderabad                                                                [a]

134.                        Examination of glass fractures reveals

a.       Side of impact

b.      Sequence of impacts

c.       Nature of impact

d.      All the above                                                     [d]

135.                        Radial fractures are

a.       Circular

b.      Lie along the radius

c.       Triangle in nature

d.      None                                                     [b]

136.                        Radial fractures in a glass

a.       Helps to determine the side of impact

b.      Helps to determine the direction of the force applied

c.       Helps to determine the exact range of fore applied

d.      None of the above                                          [a]

137.                        In lie detector examination nuemograph records

a.       Changes in blood pressure

b.      Changes in the respiratory system

c.       Changes in the skin resistance

d.      None of the above                                          [b]

138.                        Printing technology used at bank note press dewas

a.       Letter press

b.      Dry offset

c.       Wet offset

d.      Intaglio                                                                 [d]

139.                        With the help of the detection test

a.       Third degree methods can be avoided

b.      Can eliminate the innocent persons

c.       Can narrow down the suspects

d.      All                                                                           [d]

140.                        TRUE / FALSE

141.                        Water mark in a currency note is incorporated after printing        FALSE

142.                        Water mark in a currency note is incorporated while printing       false

143.                        Special technique used to print the currency note is intaglio        true

144.                        Special technique used to print the currency note is lithography                                false

145.                         Special technique used to print the currency note is screen printing        false

146.                        Special technique used to print the currency note is letter press                                false

147.                        Compression tool marks are in the form of striations                       FALSE

148.                        Water mark in the currency paper incorporated

a.       while printing

b.      at the pulp stage

c.       after printing

d.      at any stage                                                        [b]

149.                        cone fracture in a glass is caused

a.       firing from a low angle

b.      firing from the right side of glass

c.       firing from left side of the glass

d.      firing at right angle                                          [d]

150.                        concentric fracture in glass is formed

a.       on the opposite side of the force application

b.      on the side of the force application

c.       on both sides

d.      on edges of the glass                                     [b]

151.                        poison pen letters are called

a.       normal letters

b.      suicide letters

c.       anonymous letters

d.      abnormal letters                                              [c]

152.                        the most frequently used optical instrument by a document expert is

a.       VSC 4


c.       Magnifier

d.      Microscope                                                        [c]

153.                        ESDA is the instrument used for the development of

a.       Erasures

b.      Indentations

c.       Water marks

d.      Interlineations                                  [b]

154.                        Transmitted light source is useful for the examination of

a.       Built up documents

b.      Simulated forgeries

c.       Traced forgeries

d.      Free hand forgeries                        [c]

155.                        Secret writings can also be developed other than by UV light

a.       Oblique light

b.      Stereo microscope

c.       Mercury lamp

d.      ESDA                                                     [d]

156.                        When a writing is suspected of having been chemically erased, the affected part should be ovbserved in

a.       UV LIGHT

b.      IR LIGHT

c.       Photographed with filters

d.      All                                                           [a]

157.                        The depth  of penetration ink can be seen in

a.       Stereo microscope

b.      Compound microscope

c.       Illuminated magnifier

d.      All                                                           [a]

158.                        If a person writes another’s name in his own way it is

a.       Free hand

b.      Simulation

c.       Traced

d.      All                                                           [a]

159.                        Standards are not required in the examination of

a.       Obliteration

b.      Erasures

c.       Graphiloscopy

d.      Bibliography                                       [c]

160.                        The exact reproduction of the originals are

a.       Xerox

b.      Photography

c.       Cyclostyle

d.      Computers                                         [b]

161.                        The peculiar characteristics of the water mark

a.       Thinner and transcluent

b.      Thicker and transparent

c.       Not visible

d.      All                                           [a]

162.                        The additives in stamp pad inks are

a.       Glycols

b.      Caster oils

c.       Wax

d.      Benzene                                              [a]

163.                        Dimpulse writings are

a.       Normal

b.      Suicide note

c.       Limited writings

d.      None                                                     [d]

164.                        Shading is a common feature in

a.       Fountain pen

b.      Ball point pen

c.       Fibre tip pen

d.      Pencil                                                    [a]

165.                        Tint of ink can be differentiated in

a.       VAC 4

b.      IR

c.       TLC

d.      ALL                                         [A,B]

166.                        Stamp impression s can be superimposed under

a.       UV

b.      IR

c.       Transmitted light

d.                      ESDA                        [C]

167.                        In case of traveller cheques and credit cards, forgery is committed by

a.        Interpolation

b.      Tracing

c.       Free hand forgery

d.      Simulation                                           [d]

168.                        Yellow stain on paper indicates

a.       Poor quality of paper

b.      Continulous exposure to light

c.       Chemical erasures

d.      Physical erasures                                             [c]

169.                        The specimen signatures/ writings should be taken from the suspect

a.       Five

b.      Ten

c.       Fifteen

d.      None                                                                     [d]

170.                        One cannot write twice exactly alike                       TRUE

171.                        It is impossible for a low skilled writer to produce better skilled writings than he is capable of .                                                                                    TRUE

172.                        Handwriting identification is a science                    TRUE

173.                        Built up document is a document which contains genuine signature and fraudulent body writings                                                                             TRUE

174.                        The exact date of the document can be ascertained   FALSE

175.                        General characteristics are common to a group of persons                           TRUE

176.                        Questioned signatures can be marked as S1.S2.S3                                            FALSE

177.                        A signature forged by copying, appears to be similar to the genuine one               TRUE

178.                        Punctuation has significance in the identification of handwriting                                TRUE

179.                        The identification of type writer is based on the mathematical probabilities  TRUE

180.                        Consistent disguise is practically impossible                                                         TRUE

181.                        Free hand forgery is devoid of defective line quality                                        TRUE

182.                        Legible signatures can also be compared with the writings                            TRUE

183.                        Gooping is bound to occur in pencil writings                                                        FALSE

184.                        In fore arm movement the writing is produced with wrist as the center of the motion FALSE

185.                        For comparing questioned signatures of free hand forgery the best standards are admitted writings / signature of the forger                                                  FALSE

186.                        Standard telugu signatures can be compared with questioned English writings  FALSE

187.                        The change of writing instruments can affect the writing characteristics of a person TRUE

188.                        Natural variations in writings are an indication of forgery                               FALSE

189.                        The authorship of a signature forged by simulation can be established   FALSE


190.                        The specimen writings changed by the writer from his usual style are called [ disguised writings]

191.                        In type writing a character prints above or below the base line is called [vertical malalignment]

192.                        Difference between PICA and ELITE [ PICA 10 LETTERS PER INCH, elite 12 letters per inch]

193.                        Variations are bound to occur because hand is not a MACHINE

194.                        If a questioned document is pertaining to the year 1964, the standard documents for comparison should be of CONTEMPORARY period.

195.                        Writings written in  the routine course are called ADMITTED  writings

196.                        The two types of erasures are MECHANICAL , CHEMICAL

197.                        A document written and signed by a single person is called HELPGRAPHIC DOCUMENT.

198.                        The greater the freedom of  movement in writing, the more difficult it is to FORGE OR SIMULATE.

199.                         Impressions on the underneath leaves are called INDENTATIONS.

200.                        MATCH THE FOLLOWING

Traced forgery
UV light
IR light
Water mark
Disturbed paper fibers
‘I’ dot,  ‘t’ crosses
Questioned documents
Colour fillers
Lemon juice