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alcohol dependence and effects
sarada avadhanam

Blood Alcohol Concentration(ma/dL) Effect
Feeling of warmth, skin flushed; impaired judgment;decreased inhibitions
Obvious intoxication in most peopleIncreased impairment of judgment, inhibition, attention, and control;Some impairment of muscular performance; slowing of reflexes
Obvious intoxication in all normal peopleStaggering gait and other muscular incoordination; slurredspeech; double vision; memory and comprehension loss
Extreme intoxication or stuporReduced response to stimuli; inability to stand; vomiting;incontinence; sleepiness
ComaUnconsciousness; little response to stimuli; incontinence;low body temperature; poor respiration; fall in bloodpressure; clammy skin
Death likely


Friday, February 02, 2007

abbreviations in drugs NDPS
sharada avadhanam

ATS Amphetamine Type Stimulants
CND Commission on Narcotic Drugs
DMT Dimethyltryptamine
ECOSOC Economic and Social Council
HCl Hydrochloride
ICPO-Interpol International Criminal Police Organisation
INCB International Narcotics Control Board
LSD Lysergic Acid Diethylamide
MDA 3,4-Methylenedioxyamphetamine
MDE 3,4-Methylenedioxyethamphetamine
MDMA 3,4- Methylenedioxymethamphetamine
NOC No Objection Certificate
PCP 1-(1-phenylcyclohexyl) Piperidine – also known as phencyclidine
PEN Pre-Export Notification
TCP 1-[1-(2-thienyl)cyclohexyl] Piperidine- also known as tenocyclidine
UNODC United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
WCO World Customs Organisation


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

quiz 3
sarada avadhanam

11) no accused suspected to commit an offence under the NDPS act are liable to be bound over [yes/no]

12)PO act 1958 is not applicable to any accused convicted under NSDPS act [yes/no]

13)certain contravention regarding ganja are punishable upto 5 years RI only [ sec 20[b][i] [yes/ no]

14)an asst sessions judge on promotion as addl sessions judge is qualified to be appointed as special judge to deal with NDPS offences [ sec 36[3]] [yes/no]

15) notice to prosecution for release of accused on bail Is mandatory for every offence under this act [ sec 37 b[i]]]
[yes/ no ] [ the public prosecutor has been given an opportunity to oppose the application for such release]

16) 2nd class magistrate is also empowered to issue warrant U/s 41 of NDPS Act. [yes / NO]

17) If a person is detained without proper grounds under the PITNDPS Act. 1985, such detention cm be challenged by the detenue through his advocate before the Advisory Board
[Yes / no]

18) No person can be tendered with immunity from prosecution for the offences of NDPS Act. [Yes/ NO]

19) Names and particulars of any accused convicted ‑under this Act may be published in news papers [Yes / NO]

20) Any SHO irrespective of rank is under obligation to take charge of articles seized by the authorized officers [Yes/ NO]

21) the alkaloid responsible for addiction in cannabis
a) Morphine b) hashish oil c)THC d)cocaine

22) one of the following is the country in golden triangle
a) lagos b)Columbia c)Afghanistan d)none of the above

23) heroin is the refined form of the following
a)cocaine b)LSD c)brown sugar d)hashish

24) coca plant is grown in
a) Nepal b) Mexico c) Bolivia d) Myanmar

25) Physical dependence type of addiction is associated with
a) Psychological dependence b) withdrawal effects c) smoking d) plant material



sarada avadhanam

  1. The NDPS act 1985 extends to the whole of India except for the sate of J&K Yes/No [No[Section 1 ]]
  2. All the provisions under CRPC are applicable to the investigation of NDPS offences Yes/No [No[Section 1 ]]
  3. Definitions under section 2 CRPC are not applicable to the NDPS act since special definitions are covered by section 2 of NDPS act Yes/No [No[Section 2[29]]
  4. List showing the psychotropic substances is not permanent list it can be altered Yes/No [Yes[Section 3]]
  5. Other than medical and scientific purposes there is one more purpose for which there is no punishment if poppy straw is exported Yes/No [Yes[Section 8]]
  6. Forfeiture proceeding can be initiated against a person only after his conviction for minimum period of 5 years Yes/No [No[Section 68A(Cc)]]
  7. For every personal search section 50 of NDPS act is not applicable Yes/No [Yes[Search With Prior Information]
  8. Mere preparation for commission of any offence of NDPS act is also punishable with the same punishment which is provided for the main offence Yes/No [No[Section 30]]
  9. Attempt to commit an offence under NDPS act is punishable with one half of the punishment for the offence abetted Yes/No [No[Section 28]Same Punishment]
  10. Certain offender of NDPS are entitled for release on suspension of sentence by the convicting court Yes/No [Yes[Section 32A][ Offenders Under Sec 27]


quiz on NDPS
sarada avadhanam


  1. drugs and poisons work by interfering with the body’s normal chemistry true/ false
  2. the most perplexing aspect of drug addiction is understanding the nature of
    a.physical dependence
    b.psychological dependence
  3. an analgesic is
    a.a narcotic
    b.a depressant
    c.a stimulant
    d.a pain killer
  4. [T/F]because heroin is in such common use it is a relatively safe drug to take
  5. alcohol belongs to the class of drugs known as
  6. [T/F]a person who is dependent on barbiturates should be locked up until withdrawals symptoms pass
  7. one of the most serious problems connected with alcohol is
    a.blood sugar
    c.slurred speech
  8. which of the following is not a stimulant
  9. the effects of hallucinogens are
  10. hashish is made from
    a.castor oil
  11. before drugs can be extracted from body organs the organs have to be
    a.washed and dried
    b.steam distilled
    c.macerated and chemically digested
    d.immersed in dilute HNO3
  12. cystolythic hairs are associated with
    c.purple fox glove
  13. underlying emotional factors are the primary motives leading to the repeated use of a drug [T/F]
  14. drugs such as alcohol heroin amphetamine barbiturates and cocaine can lead to a [ higher / lower] degree of psychological dependence with repeated use.
  15. the development of [ psychological/ physical] dependence on a drug is shown by withdrawal symptoms such as convulsions when the user stops taking the drug[T/F]
  16. abuse of barbiturates can lead to physical dependency [T/F]
  17. the repeated use of LSD will lead to physical dependency [T/F]
  18. physical dependency develops only when the drug uset adheres to a regular schedule of a.drug intake
    b.narcotic drugs are analgesics that exert a depressing action on the CNS
    c.opium is a gummy milky juice exuded through a cut made in the unripe pod of the opium d.poppy
  19. the primary constituent of opium is morphine[T/F]
  20. heroin is a chemical derivative of morphine made by reacting morphine with acetic anhydride[T/F]
  21. methodone is classified as a narcotic drug even though it is not derived from opium or porphine [ T/F]
  22. drugs that cause marked alterations in normal thought processes perceptions and mood are called hallucinogens
    a.hashish is the sticky resin extracted from the marijuana plant
    b.the active ingredient of marijuana largely responsible for its hallucinogenic properties is c.THC
  23. the potency of marijuana preparation depends on the proportion of the various parts in the mixture [ T/F]
  24. a marijuana preparation having the higher THC content is sinsemella[T/F]
  25. LSD is a chemical derivative of lysergic acid.[T/F]
  26. This chemical is obtained from the ergot fungus that grows on certain grasses and grains[T/F]
  27. the drug phencyclidine is often manufactured for the illicit market in clandestine laboratories[T/F]
  28. alcohol [ stimulates/ depresses] the CNS
  29. barbiturates are called ‘downers’ because they depress the action of the CNS[T/F]
  30. pheno barbital is an example of a [ short, long] acting barbiturate
  31. methaqualone is a powerful sedative and muscle relaxant that possesses many of the depressant properties of barbiturates[T/F]
  32. tranquilizers are the drugs used for the relief of anxiety and tension without inducing sleep
    glue sniffing stimulates the CNS [ T/F]
  33. amphetamines are a group of synthetic drugs that stimulates the CNS[T/F]
  34. the most severe form of amphetamines abuse stems from its [ oral, intravenous] administration[T/F]
  35. an increasing percentage of amphetamines available on the illicit market originate from clandestine drug laboratories[T/F]
  36. cocaine is extracted from the leaf of the coca plant[T/F]
  37. traditionally cocaine is [sniffed/ snorted] into the nostrils
  38. cocaine is a powerful CNS depressant [ T/F]
  39. anabolic steroids are designed to promote muscle growth but have harmful side effects
    drugs that have no accepted medical use are placed in schedule I[T/F]
  40. Librium and valium are listed in schedule IV[T/F]
  41. colour tests are used to identify drugs conclusively [T/F]
  42. the morquis colour test turns purple in the presence of heroin[T/F]
  43. the morquis colour test turns orange brown in the presence of amphetamines[T/F]
  44. the dyquenois Levine test is a valuable colour test for marijuana[T/F]
  45. the scott test is a widely used colour test for cocaine[T/F]


Friday, January 26, 2007

Smt Sarada Avadhanam

1.Blister gases are known as sternutators T/F [F]

2.Mustard gas is one of the nerve gases used in wars T/F [F]

3.A characteristic U shaped teeth marks is indicative of a poisonous snake T/F [F]

4.which is true about snakes and snake bites
Nocturnal bites of snakes are more serious than those occurring during day time
Day bites of snakes are more serious than nocturnal bites
Day and nocturnal bites of snakes are equally serious
day and night time is not relevant for seriousness of the snake bite [a]

5.The venom of snakes recently emerging from hibernation is more potent than it normally is T/F [T]

6.The order of toxicity of dried venom
Viper >krait > cobra
Krait >viper > cobra
Cobra > viper > krait
Krait >cobra >viper [a]

7.The act of sexual intercourse by a man with a woman within a certain degree of blood relationship
Masochism [b]

8.Deviation between the long axis of the bullet and the axis of the path of the bullet is called
Cuew [a]

9.The organs which resist putrefaction for a long period
Liver and kidney
Brain and alimentary canal
Prostate and uterus
Spinal chord and liver [c]

10.Florence test is a presumptive test for
Synovial fluid
Sweat [b]

11.Tandem bullet may result when one uses old unused firearm for the first time after a long period T/F [T]

12.what is true of foot print evidence
Foot prints evidence is as trustworthy as fingerprint evidence
Foot print evidence is less trustworthy than fingerprint evidence
Footprints and finger prints are treated on the same footing
Footprints are more trustworthy [b]

13.The areas which are X rayed to determine the age in old people
Wrist and hand
Elbow, shoulder, pelvis
Skull, vertebrae and sternum
Torso [c]

14.12”bore shot gun with a shot length rifling towards the muzzle is ______________ [ paradox gun}

15.Sewers and cesspools contain ______________ gas {H2S]

16.Disused wells contain _________________ {CO]

17.The following is stenutator
Di chloro di phenasine
Di phenyl chlorasine
Di benzyl chlorarsine
Di phenyl chlorarsine [d]

18.The following is a lachrymator
Bromo aceto phenone
Chloro aceto phenone
Chloro pento phenone
Chloro aceto phenone [d]

19.Singeing of hair occurs
Short distance
Long distance
Very close range
Medium range [c]

20.A true plastic explosive is one
contains nitro glycerine
contains nitro glycerine and gun cotton
non nitro glycerine explosive
explosive containing RDX [c][PE1,PE2]

21.The gas which is used as anesthetic for dental work
NO [c]

22.Foot prints with a no or low arch is termed as
Broken bridge
Accidental [b]

23.Foot with high arch is termed as
Bow type
Broken bridge [d]

24.Foot prints with a broad pad and poorly represented heel
Broken bridge
Accidental [b]

25.Pentadyne is _____________ type of explosive
Pyrotechnic [b]

26.Edelmann’s test is done for
Bilurubin [d]

27.Gee’s method detects
Uric acid
Nitric acid [b]

28.Rate of fire of AK47 rifle
100 rounds per min
500 rounds per min
600 rounds per min
700 rounds per min [c]

29.Bullet proof vests contain
Metlar [a]

30.A foot with curved with angutha inclined inward
Broken bridge [b]

31.Zangeri in foot print is
Bottom line of pad
Sideline of the pad
Top line of the pad
Middle line of the pad [c]

32.Section 8 of NDPS prohibits transport of psychotropic substances even for scientific and research purpose T/F [f]

33.penalty for drug offences is envisaged in section __ of NDPS act
26 [a]

34.Prior sanction is a prerequisite for prosecuting drug offenders T/F[F]

35.Preparation towards commission in case of drug offences prescribes
quarter penalty
half penalty
three quarter penalty
no penalty [b][s/25,28,29,30]

36.It is not an offence to carry drugs banned under NDPS act
for gifting
for personal use
for trading
none [d]

37.The following quantum of drug seized under NDPS act for repeat offenders attracts capital punishment under s/31A
15 gm of opium,1/2 kg heroin, 1kg cocaine, 50 kg of hashish
10 kg opium,1kg heroin, 500 gm cocaine, 20 kg of hashish
5 gm of opium,500 gm heroin, 2500 gm cocaine, 30 kg of hashish
1 gm of opium,1kg heroin, 1kg cocaine, 1 gm of hashish [b]

38.Morphine is commonly known on the street as ________________ [Morph, White Stuff, Miss Emma, Mary Ann]

39.Heroin 3 is known as _________________ [ Hong Kong Hocks, Brown Sugar, Chinese Heroin, White Dragon Pearl]

40.Cannabis resin is known as ___________ [ Hashish, Charas]

41.DMT is ____________ [Di Methyl Tryptamine, Tohoba in Haiti]

42.Section 27 NDPS prescribes_________ imprisonment for possessing following quantity even for personal consumption
5 gm of opium,250 gm heroin, 125 gm cocaine, 5 gm of hashish, 500 gm ganja
15 gm of opium,100 gm heroin, 1 gm cocaine, 50 gm of hashish, 5 gm ganja
50 gm of opium,2500 gm heroin, 1000 gm cocaine, 50 gm of hashish, 50 gm ganja
5 gm of opium,2500 gm heroin, 1250 gm cocaine, 50 gm of hashish, 50 gm ganja [a]

43.Mongoloid race can be distinguished by continuous medulla in head hair T/F[T]

44.__________ is the most popular solvent to sniff [toluene]

45.The precursor chemical used in manufacture of heroin and methaqualone
Butyric anhydride
Stearic anhydride
Acetic anhydride
Propinolic anhydride [c]

46.Prepared opium is called _______________ [chandu]

47.White stuff is the name in the argot for
Barbiturates [a][heroin, horse harry]

48.THC is quite stable in marijuana T/F[F]

49.The part of cannabis plant with high content of THC
Root [c]

50.Heroin is
Mono acetyl morphine
Tri acetyl morphine
Di acetyl morphine
Tetra acetyl morphine [c]


Question Bank For 49 All India Duty Meet
By Sarada Avadhanam

1. The novelist who presaged modern methods of criminalistics
a. Arthur Conan Doyle
b. Sherlock Holmes
c. Hans Gross
d. Locard

2. Father of forensic toxicology
a. Galton
b. Hans Gross
c. Locard
d. Orfilia

3. First definitive study of finger prints was attempted by
a. Galton
b. Lattes
c. Osborn
d. Locard

4. A systematic procedure of taking series of body measurements
a. Biometrics
b. Craniometry
c. Anthropometry
d. Symmetry

5. Guidelines for determining the judicial admissibility of scientific examination results
a. Daubert case
b. Manohar case
c. Billa Ranga case
d. None of the above

6. The testimony of an expert witness incorporates her personal opinion relating to a matter she has either studied or examined [ True /False]

7. The following isn’t a transient evidence
a. Odor
b. Temperature
c. Imprints
d. Body fluids

8. Identifying a single source of the evidence ______________________

9. Failure analysis of structures and building is done in ___________________

10. Finished sketch is drawn
a. To satisfy the court
b. For aesthetic appearance
c. None of the above

11. Charred debris recovered from scene of fire must be sealed in
a. Airtight container
b. Porous container
c. Any container
d. None of the above

12. To comprehend the evidentiary value of a comparison
a. Probative value has to be taken
b. Probability has to be taken
c. Both (a) and (b) are irrelevant

13. Physical evidence serves
a. To exonerate a person from suspicion
b. Book the culprit
c. Both a and b
d. None of the above

14. The nicks and irregularities caused by wear in tyre tread
a. Are class characteristics
b. Form identical patterns on front and rear tyres mounted on the same side
c. Reveal the make model and year of the car
d. Are individual characteristics

15. Automobile head lights use
a. Soda lime glass
b. Tempered glass
c. Pyrex glass
d. None of the above

16. Show heating and cooling the glass constitutes_________________ [annealing]

17. The nature of a projectile can be deduced with accuracy from the size and shape of hole in a glass, [true /false]

18. A symmetrical crater shaped hole in a glass indicates
a. Low velocity projectile
b. A high velocity projectile
c. Stone
d. None of the above

19. Radial cracks form a right angle
a. On the reverse side of the force
b. Same side of the force
c. On both sides
d. None

20. Most labs rely on __________________ technique to compare soil samples.

21. The hole made by a shot with a high velocity leaves cracking/flaking of the glass [ flaking]

22. If a glass pane is cracked by heat the edges will have / will not have conchoidal striations [ will not have]

23. When a glass is exposed to sudden burst of heat and energy, the glass pieces will fall on the same side/ opposite side as the source of heat. [ same side]

24. Stereoscopic microscope uses
a. One objective lens and one ocular lens
b. Two objective lenses
c. Two ocular lenses
d. None of the above [ b]

25. The resolving power of an objective lens is measured by
a. Shutter speed
b. Numerical aperture
c. Focal length
d. None of the above [b]

26. Electron microscope has higher power of magnification than optical microscope because
a. The human eye is more sensitive to electrons than light rays
b. The electron beam displaces electrons in the specimen
c. The electron beam is not subject to refraction
d. The electron beam operates at shorter wave length than light does

27. A technique with high ability to resolve complex mixtures in minutes
a. Thin layer chromatography
b. Paper chromatography
c. Gas chromatography
d. None of the above

28. Organic explosives are separated by
a. QC
c. TLC
d. Electro phoresis [b]

29. For solid physical evidence insoluble in most solvents the favourable technique of analysis
a. QC
c. TLC
d. Pyrolysis Gas Chromatography [D]

30. Best technique for separating and identifying biochemical mixtures
a. QC
c. Electrophoresis
d. Spectrophotometry [c]

31. Expand LASER

32. Light used to zap microscopic holes in a diamond
a. IR
b. UV
c. Laser
d. X rays [c]

33. In the electromagnetic spectrum the waves having highest wavelength
a. IR
b. UV
c. X Rays
d. Radio waves [d]

34. A non destructive method for identifying trace elements
a. NAA
b. Spectrophotometry
c. Spectrograph
d. None of the above [a]

35. X Ray diffraction can be applied to the study of
a. Solids
b. Crystalline material
c. Amorphous powders
d. Elastics substances [b]

36. A microscope which incorporates two independent objective lenses into a single binocular unit
a. Compound microscope
b. Comparison microscope
c. Stereo microscope
d. Polarizing microscope [b]

37. For examination of big and bulky evidence the best suited microscope
a. Comparison microscope
b. Stereo microscope
c. Compound microscope
d. None of the above [b]

38. The instrument best suited to identify shooter
a. SEM
b. Polarized microscope
c. Comparison microscope
d. None of the above [a]

39. Any organic material can be studies by X Ray diffraction [true/false] [false]

40. A technique that gives elemental analysis at subnanogram level is
a. NAA
b. SEM
c. Spectrophotometry
d. Laser technique [a]

41. The presentation of negative in court is __________________________
a. [a proof of unaltered photograph]

42. Artistic ability is more important than accuracy in sketching a crime scene [true/ false] [false]

43. The best method of sketch to show a bullet hole in wall
a. Coordinates method
b. Triangulation method
c. Cross projection method
d. Cannot be shown [c]

44. Crime scene photographs
a. Should be prepared in conjunction with notes and sketches
b. Should be as gory as possible in order to impress a jury / judge
c. Should be restricted to corpus delicti
d. Are generally not admissible in court of law [a]

45. IO put their mark on an item of evidence so that
a. They can later claim it as souvenir
b. The evidence custodian will know who collected it
c. They can later identify it in court
d. Crime lab technicians will know whom to ask about it [c]

46. Lenses having focal length longer than normal are ________________
a. [ tele photo lenses]

47. Lenses having shorter than normal focal length are called ______________
a. [wide angle lens]

48. A film which is in close approach to human eye sensitivity is
a. Monochromatic
b. Ortho chromatic
c. Pan chromatic
d. Infrared [c]

49. Fluorescence is valuable preliminary test
a. Because it is quick and easy
b. Simple
c. Accurate
d. Used for exclusion [ a & d]

50. The organic part of soil is called
a. Humus
b. Feldspar
c. Calcite
d. Pitchblende [a]


questions set 4
sarada avadhanam

Question Bank for All India Duty Meet 18 Nov 2005

1.Forensic analysis of digital evidence that is distributed across a large computer network
Computer forensics
Cyber forensics
Network forensics
Software forensics [b]

2.Identifying the author of the malicious code
Computer forensics
Cyber forensics
Network forensics
Software forensics [d]

3.RAM in computer terminology means
Readily available memory
Read and maintain memory
Random access memory
Rarely available memory [c]

4.A group of bytes written on a track
Cluster [c]

5.A collection of disk sectors
Cluster [d]

6.Fingerprint of any message in the form of a unique value is
Harsh value
Hard value
Hard disk value
Hash value [d]

7.E-documents / records are authenticated by
Data signature
Cipher signature
Digital signature
Crypto signature [c]

8.Obscuring information in a manner to prevent its detection
Stageography [c]

9.Osama bin laden et al use this high tech to post instructions for terrorists
Pornography [b]

10.The md5# is used for
Data validation
Data manipulation
Data deletion
Data addition [a]

11.Singapore is not a signatory to IT act T/F[F]

12.IT act contains
10 chapters 90 sections
12 chapters 94 sections
13 chapters 93 sections
13 chapters 94 sections [d]

13.many prevalent cyber offences have not been covered under IT act T/F[T]

14.A compensation not exceeding Rs 1 crore as charges towards damages is envisaged in section
42 of IT ACT
47 OF IT ACT [b]

15.sending unsolicited e-mails to the recipients
spanning [c]

16.FAT in computer means
File and tag
Fast action table
Figure access time
File allocation table [d]

17.the data storage space that exists from the end of the file to the end of the cluster assigned to the file is
suspense space
storage space
secret space
slack space [d]

18.information about a file regarding its creation deletion modification during work session is available in
slack space
RAM slack
ROM slack
buffer slack [b]

19.when user deletes a file operating system releases the clusters but the content of the file is not erased T/F[T]

20.file in which windows place anything that currently resides in RAM memory is
wrap file
strap file
swam file
swap file [d]

21.files for printing are spooled to a queue as soon as they are deleted they are deleted only from queue but not from these files
permanent files
temp files
transient files
tough files [b]

22.crimes in which tools or objects of crime employ digital technology are termed as
cyber crimes
computer frauds
hitech crimes
digital crimes [d]

23.net work interconnecting a limited 1 km is

24.the device that lets the message in flow between the networks

25.a host computer is identified with
TP [b]

26.e-mail is not secure and can be accessed on intermediate computers located on the route T/F[T]

27.WEB utilizes

28.preventing the legitimate users of a service from using it
blockade attack
DS attack
DC attack
DM attack [b]

29.example for malicious code
Tarzan horse
frozen horse
Trojan horse
Torpedo horse [c]

30.external agency to bring out the loopholes
ethical breaking
ethical hacking [d]

31.altering master file records, posting transactions partially is
data manipulation
data mishandling
data diddling
data scrambling [c]

32.any chemical compound or mixture capable of decomposing with evolution of energy is a potential explosive T/F[T]

33.dust of combustible material with air forming a cloud in any proportion will be explosive T/F[F]

34.paint thinner vapour in air does not form an explosive T/F[F]

35.gelignite containing high proportion of nitro glycerine are gelatins T/F[T]

36.lightening is an example of phenomena of the discharge of static electricity T/F[T]

37.ventilation will cause a fire to spread away from the conical fire pattern T/F[T]

38.the act of gaining unauthorized access toa telephone system or network
phrasing [b]

39. junk mail being downloaded in quantity
sparming [c]

40.the following is not a seed fibre
none [a]

41.coir is
growth around seed
growth around the husk of the fruit
derived from the fibrous layers within plant
fibro vascular bundle in the leaves [b]

42.a temporary area set aside to store information which is frequently accessed in a computer
cahea [a]

43.a virus carrier in computer language is known as
dumper [b]

44. the central device in a star configured LAN

45.a server in between your computer and rest of the internet which stores frequently accessed web pages and graphics
proactive server
proxy server
preventive server
paradoxy server [b]

46.ultrasonic cavitation is an etching method of restoring obliterated serial numbers T/F[T]

47.voice identification is based on manipulating the lips, teeth, tongue, soft palette ad jaw muscles T/F[T]

48.success of restoring engraved numbers is much more than in case of punched numbers T/F[T]

49.the obliteration on wood is restored by
boiling water
mild alkali
organic acid [b]

50.gradual heating and cooling of the affected area on plastic restores the obliterated mark on it T/F[T]


question bank 1-50
sarada avadhanam

Question Bank for All India Duty Meet 14 Nov 2005
Smt Sarada Avadhanam

1.Super glue can be used / cannot be used on non porous surfaces [can be]

2.Plastic prints remain for any length of time T/F [T] [provided the substrate on which they appear is stable]

3.Hole in glass caused by small stones do not show the same geometrical regularity as that usually shown by a bullet hole T/F [T]

4.In presumptive colour spot test of blood, the principle involved is
Pseudo peroxidase activity of Hb
Peroxidase activity of Hb
Reductase activity of Hb
Oxido reductase activity of Hb [a]

5.For old and degraded DNA the technology used is
RFLP based technology
PCR based technology
Both a and b
None [b]

6.The organ which resists putrefaction for a longer period
Liver and kidney
Brain and alimentary canal
Prostate and uterus
Spinal chord and liver [c]

7.DNA typing of dried saliva on the back of a letter stamp, the choice of technique used _______________________________ [PCR]

8.Exemplars from mother, sibling or any other maternal relative serve as reference source for DNA typing T/F [T]

9.Shed hairs have little or no nuclear DNA T/F [T]

10.Casting impressions in snow is done using
Plaster of Paris POP
Dental stone
Moulage agar [b]

11.Bite marks in fruit can be preserved in
Spirit absolute
KOH [c]

12.The name of the test to determine the presence of lead and barium in primer is____________________[griess or walker]

13.Ammonia dynamite has more shattering effect and is more sensitive to shock compared to straight dynamite T/F [F]

14.resistant form of dynamite
Straight dynamite
Gelatin dynamite
Ammonia dynamite
Sheet explosives [b]

15.C3 explosives will / will not stain the hands and clothing [will]

16.Military dynamite contains nitro glycerine T/F [F] [75% RDX +15%TNT + 5% motoroil + 5% guar flour]

17.The following fertilizer is used in home made explosive device
Ammonium chloride
Ammonium nitrite
Ammonium sulphate
Ammonium nitrate [d]

18.The compound used in incendiary
Potassium per chlorate
Potassium hypo chlorate
Potassium chlorate
Potassium chlorite [c]

19., a hallucinogen is a derived from
Psilocybe mexicana
None [a]

20.The designer drug popularly known as ecstasy
MMDA [c] [ 3,4 methyline dioxy methamphetamine]

21.steroids sold to athletes are
Unscheduled and veterinary drugs
Unscheduled drugs for humans
Scheduled veterinary drugs
Scheduled human drugs [c]

22.A vaso dilator to relieve angina pectoris abused as inhalant is
Amyl nitro pru side
Amyl chloride
Ammonium nitrate
Amyl nitrite [d]

23.Drugs having a high potential for abuse, and not having any accepted medical use or accepted safety
Schedule iii
Schedule ii
Schedule i
Schedule iv [c]

24.Over the counter cough medicines with codeine are under
Schedule iii
Schedule ii
Schedule iv
Schedule v [d]

25.The branch of science that deals with the study of death________________________ [thanatology]

26.The method of identification using the study of pores _____________________ [poroscopy]

27.Infliction of painless death on an individual suffering from severe intractable arising our of a terminal illness is _______________ [ euthanasia]

28.Sex can be determined from the presence of ____________ in the nuclei of certain cells [bar bodies and Davidson’s bodies]

29.A case of poisoning was confirmed of Napoleon Bonaparte by analysis of ____________ part of the body and the poison was ______________. [hair, arsenic]

30.The system of personal identification developed by Galton ________________ [ dactylography or fingerprinting]

31.Ridge pattern is called ___________________ [ dermatoglyphics]

32.The study of furrows and groves present in human lips _________________ [cheiloscopy]

33.A method of identification by using human palatal rugae is ____________ [rugoscopy]

34.HVR polymorphism is the basis of DNA fingerprinting . Expand HVR. [hyper variable region]

35.Percentage of junk DNA in a cell
95 [d]

36.Throwing of an acid on to the face or body of a person in order to disfigure of blind him ____________________ [Vitriolage]

37.Narcotic seeds used for culinary purpose which contain Morpheine and codeine [poppy seeds]

38.Alcoholic beverage that contains highest content of ethanol _______ [50% rum]

39.The seeds of which plant are adulterated with mustard seed ______ [argemone mexicana]

40.The purpose of clues team is
To investigate the crime
To examine and give analysis report on the spot on crime material
To assist the IO in crime scene processing
To maintain crime records [c]

41.Reconstruction of crime scene means
Rearranging the scene for training purpose
Arranging simulated crime scene to show efficiency of training facility
Estimation of series of events occurred in commission of crime
Documentation of investigation process [c]

42.The precautions for handling physical evidence in computer offences are
Anti static plastic material for packing
Using a magnetic wrapper
Wrapping items in cotton
Disassembling the computer parts to bring them to station [a]

43.Cigarette burning
Burning [c] [glow combustion]

44.Spontaneous burning of hay stored in barns is an example of ______________ [spontaneous combustion]

45.Accelerants present in soil and vegetation are rapidly degraded by
Bacteria [d]

46.The following technology is best suited for arson residue analysis
Spectrophotometry [b]

47.Blood without fibrin
Fluid tissue
Connective tissue [b]

48.Precipitin test for origin of species can detect human blood and not other proteins of human origin T/F [F]

49.Blood stains as old as 10 to 15 years can be traced to their origin T/F [T]

50.in Haren Pandya murder case, the forensic technology used was
video authentication
software piracy
cyber forensics and telephone analysis
biometrics [c]


Question bank part 2 forty ninth all India duty meet
sarada avadhanam

51 Hair grows out of
a. Hair follicle
b. Cuticle
c. Root
d. None of the above [a]

52 Single appearance of scales indicate the hair to be Animal /Human origin

53 Pigment granules imparting colour to hair__________[ melanin]

54 Medullary index measures
a. Diameter of the medulla relative to the diameter of hair shaft
b. Diameter of hair shaft relative to diameter of medulla
c. Diameter of whole hair relative to diameter of medulla [b]

55 Medullary index of less than 1/3 is indicative of hair to animal origin/ human origin [human]

56 No or fragmented medulla indicates
a. Head hair
b. Pubic hair
c. Hair from beard
d. Hair from moustache [a]

57 Which animal has a medulla which resemble a string of pearls
a. Cat
b. Dog
c. Goat
d. None [a]

58 Which animal’s medulla show special cells in hair shaft
a. Feline family
b. Canine family
c. Deer family
d. Ungulates [c]

59 Cross section of human head hair shaft is
a. Round/oval
b. Triangular
c. Squarish
d. Irregular [a]

60 A kidney shaped cross section contains of hair shaft reveals it to be from
a. Head region
b. Pubic region
c. Armpit
d. None [b]

61 Moustache hair presents a CS with
a. Triangular shape
b. Circular shape
c. Rhombus shape
d. Irregular shape [a]

62 A kinky containing dense or even distribution of pigment appearance of hair suggests
a. Caucasian origin
b. Negroid origin
c. Mangoloid origin
d. Red Indian [b]

63 Naturally fallen hair show
a. Bulbous root
b. Non bulbous root
c. Shrunken root
d. None [a]

64 The end of a hair severed by a blunt weapon presents
a. Crushed appearance
b. Mace appearance
c. Circular appearance
d. None [a]

65 Longitudinal splits in hair indicate
a. Infliction by a blunt weapon
b. Infliction by a sharp weapon
c. Infliction by several blows with a blunt weapon
d. None of above [c]

66 Presence of cerumen as adherent material indicates that the hair is from
a. Ear origin
b. Head origin
c. Pubic origin
d. Armpit [a]

67 The following metal poisoning can be detected in hair
a. Arsenic
b. Organo phosphates
c. Zinc
d. Manganese [a]

68 Blood grouping substances of ABO system are secreted in 75% of human race in their hair [ true/ false] [true]

69 The gelatinous protein that binds two filaments of silk together is
a. Mucin
b. Sericin
c. Glycine
d. Insulin [b]

70 The common regenerated tissue is
a. Rayon
b. Polyester
c. Poly stearin
d. Crayon [a]

71 The fibre used in rugs
a. Nylon
b. Spondex
c. Saran
d. Vinyon [c]

72 The swimwear fibre
a. Acrylic
b. Saran
c. Olefin
d. Spandex

73 The fibre used in drapery material
a. Glass fibres
b. Nylon fibres
c. Vinyon
d. None [a]

74 Synthetic fibre presenting a dumbbell cross section
a. Orlon
b. Nylon
c. Polyester
d. Glass wool [a]

75 Drug used as cough suppressant is
a. Codeine
b. Heroin
c. Morpheine [a]

76 Potent form of Marijuana responsible for hallucinogenic properties________
a. [THC Tetrahydrocannabinol]

77 The most potent form of Marijuana is __________________
a. [Hashish oil]

78 LSD is synthesized from
a. Fern
b. Gymnosperm
c. Ergot
d. None [c]

79 The drug preparation popularly known as angel dust is________________
a. [phencyclidine + LSD/amphetamine]

80 The drugs called downers__________________[barbiturates]

81 ‘yellow jackets’ is the slang for the drug___________[barbiturates]

82 A powerful sedative and muscle relaxant which mimics the properties of barbiturates _____________[methaqualone]

83 Naphtha abuse comes under the category of _____________[glue sniffing]

84 The drugs normally termed as speed or uppers ____________[ amphetamines]

85 Cocaine is extracted from the leaves of the plant_________[erythroxylon coca]

86 The most popular drug culture of cocaine____________[ crack]

87 The most common drug or abuse in sports esp. Olympics belong to the category of _________________[ anabolic steroids]

88 Heroin and methaqualone come under
a. Schedule 1
b. Schedule 2
c. Schedule 3
d. Schedule 4 [a]

89 Most barbiturate preparations come under
a. Schedule 1
b. Schedule 2
c. Schedule 3
d. Schedule 4 [b]

90 Drugs having a low potential for abuse are under
a. Schedule 1
b. Schedule 2
c. Schedule 3
d. Schedule 4 [d]

91 Drugs chemically related to controlled substances but are pharmacologically very potent are ________________ [ designer drugs]

92 ‘ china white’ is one of the drugs coming under the category of _____________ [ designer drug]

93 The reagent that detects opium derivatives _________ [ marquis]

94 The oldest depressant with a slang ‘ knock out drops ‘ is _____________
a. [ chloral hydrate]

95 Natural hallucinogen coming from cactus is ___________ [ peyote]

96 Hallucinogens coming from mushrooms ____________ [psilocybin, psilocyn]

97 poisonous substance that pose serious hazard to fire fighters _______ [ HCN gas]

98 the odour of oil of bitter of almonds is indicative of _________ [ cyanide poisoning]

99 ___________ in therapeutic doses is commonly used as a heart stimulant [digitalis]

100 percentage of carbon monoxide that brings rapid death
a. 20
b. 40
c. above 50
d. none [c]


questions 100 set 2
sarada avadhanam

Question Bank for All India Duty Meet 17 Nov 2005

1.Many biochemical disorders and most chromosomal abnormalities can be detected at pre natal stage by
Oo centesis
Zygo centesis
Andro centesis
Amnio centesis [d]

2.Leio trichous hair is the characteristic feature of
Mongoloid race [d]

3.Epicanthus is a characteristic of mongoloid / non mongoloid trait [mongoloid]

4.Type of immunological reaction observed in blood grouping
Neutralization [b]

5.The symbol Rh in blood grouping is derived from
None of the above [b]

6.Embryonic haemoglobin disappears in the full term foetus T/F[F]
[It disappears by the third month of embryonic life]

7.Foetal haemoglobin predominates and no adult haemoglobin is present during intra uterine period T/F[F][ more than half of total Hb in the new born]

8.Tri chloro ethylene is often used as sniffing agent T/F[T]

9.The technology to encrypt the credit card information that is sent over the internet
LSS [c]

10.B2c in e commerce means_____________ [ business to customer]

11.ABO blood grouping system inheritance pattern
Multiple alleles
Double allele
Single allele
Linked allele [a]

12.Incoagulability of blood is an indication that the blood is
Menstrual [d]

13.The presence of HCG in urine sample of woman indicates
High cholesterol level
High glucose level
High growth hormone
Suggests that the woman is pregnant [d]

14.Blood stains showing positive for α-foeto protein indicates the foetal origin of blood T/.F[T]

15.Gastric source of blood is characterized by
Urotemesis [b] [ chocolate colour due to gastric secretions]

16.Parturition and abortion stains are associated with stains due to
Liquor amnii
Liquor chorinii
Liquor placentae
Liquor foetale [a]

17.Barboid test is conducted for
Synovial fluid [b]

18.Colostrum does not contain trypsin inhibitor T/F [F]

19.FLASH holes in ballistics mean
Holes on the skin of deceased
Holes due to misfire on shooter
Holes on the garment of the deceased
Apertures at the cartridge base [d] [ through which the primer flames pass to ignite the propellant charge]

20.Even before birth a person’s fingerprint patterns are formed for the rest of his life T/F[T]

21.Fingerprints are not individualistic to conclusively establish the identity of a suspect’s prints with those found at the scene of crime T/F[F]

22.In developing chance fingerprints by powder method the fingerprint brush is moved along the direction of flow of ridges T/F[T]

23.The camera used for recording crime scene finger prints is fitted with a fixed focus camera T/F[T]

24.An aged fingerprint on a forged document is developed using iodine fuming method T/F[F]

25.In classification of fingerprints it is first necessary to determine the ridge count T/F[F]

26.Latent fingerprints on multi coloured flower vase are best developed by using fluorescent powder T/F[T]

27.For personal identification, palm prints and sole prints are as reliable as fingerprints T/F[T]

28.The basis of identity of two fingerprints is the similarity in the pattern and ridge characteristics T/F[T]

29.Which poisons are mostly administered in homicidal cases [arsenic lead]

30.The death occurs in case of organo phosphate poisoning by cardio respiratory failure T/F [T]

31.The form of poison which quickly enters into the human body are
Colloids [b]

32.Which poison is considered as highly toxic
P [b]

33.characteristics of a ideal homicidal poison is that it should be cheap easily available T/F [T]

34.Kidneys act as filters for any poison entering into the body T/F[F]

35.Dr Alexander Mearns of Institute Of Hygiene at University Of Glasgow did the pioneering work in
Toxicology estimation
That presence of diatoms if pathagnomic of drowning
Used the lifer cycle of maggots to estimate the time of death
New ways of detecting claymore mines [c]

36. In early May of 2000, millions of computer users found a Email headed I Love You
It is a virus
Its is a logic bomb
It is a time bomb
Encrypted code [a]

37.In 1994 case of Citibank USA
Modus operandi is by hacking by using a modem
Modus is by introducing a virus
Modus is by modifying data
Modus is by deleting data.

38.sample of restaurant whale meat confirmed that the Japanese diners were eating protected whale meat by
serological tests
skin examination
DNA matching
None [c]

39.Incomplete or decayed specimen in criminal cases may limit the identification to the family or genus level T/F [T]

40. In a land mark case in Hong Kong authorities Bharati Assomull was fined USD 40000 for
Flesh trade
Women trafficking
Shahtoosh trade
Bonded labor trade [c][ shahtoosh = from nature and fit for a king]

41.The author of I Love You was
Fischerman [a] [Orel De Guzman]

42.Diaries purported to be written by Hitler were proved forged on account of
Paper containing fluorescent brightener blankophor introduced in 1954
Bindings contained threads of polyester which was not manufactured until 1953
Both a and b
None [c]

43.The presence of pigment titanium dioxide in QD purported to have belonged to 18th century
Supports the version of the claimant
Does not support the version of the claimant
Cannot be predicted wit certainty
None [b] [ not used in paper until the 20th century]

44.The technique used to determine or detect the sex of the foetus in the womb
Neonatal diagnostic test
Post natal diagnostic test
Prenatal diagnostic test
Para natal diagnostic test [c]

45.In vitro fiertilization followed by genetic testing of embryo to determine the sex
Pre implantation genetic diagnosis
Implantation genetic diagnosis
Post implantation genetic diagnosis
Ortho implantation genetic diagnosis [a]

46.Sorting male sex bearing chromosomes from sperm is
Male sorting
Andro sorting
Tom sorting
Sperm sorting [d]

47.PCPNDT act
Prevent knowing sex of the foetus
Prevents the misuse of prenatal tests for female foeticide
Prevents female foeticide inspite of congenital deformities
Prevents consanguineous marriages [b]

48.The following is not an unnatural sexual offence
Buccal coitus
Adultery [d]

49.It is not a rape if
Inability to sustain erection
Inability to achieve erection
Absence of uniform layer of smegma
None of the above [d]

50.The explosive used in coal mines________________ [energel]

51.The higher powered aluminium gelled slurry
Super gel
Qodyne [c]

52.Phosgene and diphosgene are known as
Red cross
Blue cross
Green cross
White cross [c]

53.Mustard gas is known as
Red cross
Yellow cross
Green cross
Blue cross [b]

54.Nasal irritants are also known as
Paralysants [b]

55.Nerve gas poisoning causes similar effects as that of
Organo phosphates
Heavy metal poisoning [c]

56.Pentadyne is this type of explosive
None of the above [b]

57.Dendro chronology is______________ [ age rings around teeth and bones]

58.A sexual perversion in which children are the preferred sexual object
Pedo phobia
Pseudo phobia [a] [ also chicken hawk]

59.n obsessional impulse to set fire or a preference for arson as an instrument of damage
Pyro lunatic
Pyro phobic
Pyro mania
Arsono mania [c]

60.A price money or other consideration paid or demanded for release of the victim

61.Ciphers and codes used to protect the security of the underworld communications decoding
Callo graphy
Crypto graphy
Cipho graphy
Cybero graphy [b]

62.The term brachy dactyly refers to
Fingers that are abnormally long
Fingers that are abnormally short
Fingers that are less than normal
Fingers on both hands are of different shapes [b]

63.Condition where one or more digits have been absent from birth
Endo dactyly
Ecto dactyly
Ectro dactyly
Peri dactyly [c]

64.Application of principles of earth science to the law
Forensic paleontology
Forensic terra firma
Forensic geology
Forensic geo geography [c]

65.Tagants in explosives help in
Enhancing their power
Reducing hazard due to explosion
As a marker in detection and identification
A new technique of defusing bombs [c]

66.Neutron tag incorporates the following during its manufacture
Cobalt 60
Lead 35
Ra 20
Ni 50 [a]

67.Olfactory capabilities of dog are
50 times better than human
10 times better than human
40 times better than human
20 times better than human [c]

68.Pyrotechnique composition giving silver colour
As [c]

69.Sidewalls collapsing in different directions such as collapsing of sealed metal cans equally on all sides does not indicated the presence of gas vapour T/F [F]

70.Even if explosion takes place in midair there will be a crater with high velocity explosion T/F [F]

71.Gc is unfit for thermally labile compounds T/F [T]

72.For post explosive debris and hand swab identification of explosives the best suited technique is
Reverse HPLC

73.Improvised explosive compounds like chlorates are best detected by
GC [B] [ ion chromatography]

74.Bullet shaped head of spermatozoa is indicative of
Goat [a]

75.Explosives like RDX, PETN have very limited vapour pressure hence they cannot be easily detected by EVD s T/F [T]

76.Dogs process and confirm the presence of explosives at a lesser rate than any equipment T/F [F]

77.Search behaviour of dog is unlimited irrespective of the factors like heavy meal , heavy snow or rain T/F [F]

78.Presence of noise, large crowd, stray dogs do not have any influence on the performance of the dogs. T/F [F]

79.There is 25%chance of eardrum perforation when
Qty of explosive 4 kg,distance5 mts, pressure 11 psi
Qty of explosive 3kg, distance 2mts, pressure 10 psi
Qty of explosive 500gms, distance 2 mts, pressure 10 psi
Qty of explosive 2 kg, distance5mts, pressure 10 psi [a]

80.From the size of crater a fair assessment of the qty of explosive can be made T/F [T]

81.An explosive after blast giving strong sweet smell for longer time
Military explosive
Slurry explosive
Gel explosive [a]

82.Dogs can hear notes up to
1000 KHZ
100 KHZ
10 KHZ
10,000 KHZ [b]

83.The olfactory epithelium of dog is
Straight, with large number of receptors and with number of cilia
Convoluted, with less number of receptors and with one or two cilia
Convoluted with more number of receptors with more cilia
Straight with few receptors but number of cilia [c]

84.Electronic detectors are inferior to Sniffer dogs in that
They sniff limited types of explosives
They are less reliable
They are non-specific
Offer less safety [a]

85.Transforming the original data into scrambled one which does ont make any sense to the viewer
Crypto ciphery
Endo cryption [c]

86.A fake server to trap an unwitting intruder
Hot pots
Sweat pots
Milli pots
Honey pots [d]

87.A plot hatcher using internet can be traced using
Alladin’s lantern
Magic lantern
Magic wand
Midas lantern [b]

88.Breaking and cracking encryption
Cipher analysis
Crypto analysis
Cyber analysis
Crypto graphy [a]

89.Cyber defamation is punishable under IT Act 2000 T/F [F]

90.ON NET information about new products, services and investment opportunities to the users is provided through
News boards
Electronic boards
Bulletin boards
EBB [d] [ electronic bulletin boards]

91.Chain letters with the promise of quick profits using home Computer, the scheme is
Pilot [b]

92.Mechanism used to protect network from unauthorized access while allowing users within to access the public internet
Fire ways
Gate walls
Fire walls
Gate ways [c]

93.A program protecting automatic protection to internet privacy and security
Watch dog
Guard dog
Vigilant dog
Sniffer dog [b]

94.Spying on the sensitive information of an adversary network from home computer
Data espionage
Data diddling
Data spying
Data ciphering [c]

95.Viruses that change their form to look different
Deceptive virus
Cloned virus
Polymer virus
Polymorphic virus [d]

96.Siphoning of a fraction of amount processed by the processing program
Salam logic
Grand salam logic
Salami logic
Salmi logic [c]

97.A hacker is one who takes advantage and exploits computer systems for malicious intent or profit T/F [F] [ cracker]

98.Online harassment is called
Cyber stalking
Computer talking
Cyber squatting [a]

99.Electronically disguising one computer as another for gaining access to a restricted system is
Sfooling [c]

100.Anonymously airing his / her grouses in the cyber space
Cyber sub venting
Cyber inter venting
Cyber venting
Cyber super venting [c]


questions 100 set
sarada avadhanam

Question Bank for All India Duty Meet 16 Nov 2005

1.In 2001, Gilani and his brother Shah Faisal were allegedly involved in parliament house attack and the clues collected were in the form of
proof of purchase of materials to make explosives
proof of purchase of arms
proof of acquisition of vehicle
proof of fake notes pass ports [a] [ the proof of purchase of explosives was obtained from seized laptop]

2. In Madhumita Shukla murder case which analysis played a vital and significant role
explosive analysis
fire arm analysis
video analysis
telephone analysis

3.An explosive yellow in colour liberates free carbon and is not affected by moisture is
NG [b]

4.Metallic fouling can be detected by
X rays
Chemical reaction
Spectrophoto metry
a and b [d]

5.What is meant by COOK OFF ___________ [if another cartridge is loaded while the barrel is still hot, the propellant is ignited even before the bolt is operated resulting the bursting the cartridge case thus injuring the shooter]

6.Pattern of burning and scorching when contaminated by blood or dark coloured cloth , the technique used is
X ray photography
UV photography
IR photography
Holography [c]

7.Quick match in explosives means
Match box with sticks which catch fire easily
Match box with sticks which does not catch fire easily
Explosives without sulphur and with mealed powder
Sulphur containing powder without any mealed powder [c] [ sulphur less mealed powder, it burns quickly used for initiation and ignition]

8.The flash camera was used for _________ in ex CM’s attack case
As a source of light
Initiating multiple live controls
As a source of heat
For ignition [b] [ for initiating multiple live controls]

9.Nylon got its name from _____________ [New York and London]

10.Artificial silk is
Rayon [d]

11.The synthetic fibre resistant to the action of micro organisms
Rayon [b]

12.Terylene is
Carbon fibre
Rubber [c]

13.Fibers used in making space craft and aircraft
Sulphur fibres
Silica fibers
Carbon fibres
Asbestos fibres [c]

14.Poly vinyl chloride is a good example of
Rubber [c]

15.Melamine is a plastic of category
Thermo plastic
Thermo labile plastic
Thermo setting plastic
Thermo static plastic [c] [ once moulded cannot be moulded again by reheating]

16.Rubber is a
Bimer of colloidal nature
Polymer of non colloidal nature
Polymer of colloidal nature
Bimer of non colloidal nature [c]

17.Vulcanization of rubber is by adding
Si [b]

18.The rubber used for making football bladder
Natural rubber
Rubber with thermo setting plastic
Rubber with thermo curing plastic
Vulcanized rubber [d]

19.Hosepipe uses the following
Thiokol [d]

20.Advantage of synthetic detergent over soap
Easy to prepare
Less cumbersome
Can be used even with hard water
Does not harm the hand [c]

21.Anil , judge’s son of J&K was accused of taking bribes, clue in this case came as
Audio clipping
Video clipping
Trap mechanism
Eye witness [b]

22.The most amazing invention of 2005, snuppy , the first cloned
Deer [c]

23.Sajida, along with other three of the squad targeted American owned hotels in Amman that resulted in a futile attempt because
Suicide belt malfunctioned
Exploded but did not hit intended target
Did not explode danger thwarted
Dysfunction of primer cord [a,d]

24.Dhanunjay chatterjee, had been awarded capital punishment as he was an accused in
Explosives case
Organized crime
Rape cum murder
Terrorism [c]

25.Rh system was first recognized in a case report about
A haemolytic transfusion reaction
Haemolytic disease of newborn
Circulatory overload
Auto immune haemolytic anaemia [b]

26.Rh antigens are inherited as
Autosomal recessive alleles
Sex linked genes
Co dominant alleles
None of the above [c]

27.Rh antigens are
Glyco lipids
Simple sugars
Glyco proteins
Lipo proteins [d]

28.Rh anti bodies have been associated with which of the following clinical conditions
Erythro blastosis faetalis
Thrombo cyto penia
Haemolytic transfusion reaction
Haemophilia A [c]

29.The antigen system closely associated phenotypically with Rh is known as
Lw [d]

30.The condition of asthenospermia indicates
No sperms
No/ slow movement of sperms
Abnormal shape of the sperm
Over activity of the sperm [b]

31.The condition of crypto richidism means
Abnormal shape of testes
Normal position of the testes with abnormal size
Testes in groin or abdomen
Absence of testes [c]

32.The condition necro spermia means
Absence of spermatozoa
Presence without tail of sperms
Not moving and dead sperms
Not moving but alive sperms [c]

33.The expulsion of seminal fluid backward into the bladder instead of forward is
Backward ejaculation
Lateral ejaculation
Retrograde ejaculation
Hyper ejaculation [c]

34.X ray picture of vas deferens to note the blockades
Differenso graphy
Testeculo graphy
Erythro graphy
Vaso graphy [d]

35.the following grouping system has naturally occurring antibodies
Rh system
ABO system
Kell system
Duffy [b]

36.ABH antigens develop
50 days of foetal life
30 days of foetal life
20 days of foetal life
only full term foetus [b]

37.PDA in cell phone terminology means _____________ [personal / portable digital assistant.]

38.GSM stands for _________________ [global system for mobile communications]

39.CDMA stands for ________________

40.IMEI number is ___________________ [international mobile equipment identity number obtained from network provider on request. Find it by keying in *#06#]

41.No two mobiles phones are supposed to have the same IMEI number in the world T/F[T] [it is like a fingerprint of the mobile handset]

42.fingerprints of Siamese twins are found identical T/F [F]

43.the lens best suited for surreptitious surveillance photography
wide angle lens
bifocal lens
telephoto lens
unifocal lens [c]

44.close-up flash photography is best taken using
polarizing filter
neutral density filter
colour contrast filters
colour correction filters [b]

45.glare from shining non metallic surface is reduce using
polarizing filter
neutral density filter
colour contrast filters
colour correction filters [a]

46.signature tampering in document is best studied by
compound micro scope
comparison microscope
stereo microscope
electron microscope [c]

47.When a glass pane is cracked by heat , the edge will exhibit
only radial fractures
only concentric fractures
conchoidal fractures
no fractures [d]

48.Stains as old as 11 years can be typed by Absorption Elution Method T/F[T]

49.Saliva and Semen have lesser titre of ABO substances than that of blood T/F[F]

50.On harder and less porous surface the blood spatter pattern is more/ less . [ less]

51.dentition of identical twins is not similar T/F[T]

52.klinefelter syndrome will have the following karyotype
XXY [d]

53.shovel shaped incisors ins observed in
Chinese [d]

54.colour and texture of bone of burnt bone does not give any clue as to the heat and intensity of the blaze T/F [F] [ direct cum prolonged burning the bones color is white ash. Limited indirect exposure the colour is yellow to brown colour]

55.a humerus bone with distal epiphyses fused and proximal epiphyses open indicates the age range of
above 25 years [c]

56.Incremental growth layers in dental cementum indicate
Dental caries
False teeth
Dentition [c]

57.With cranial morphology the accuracy level of sex differentiation achieved is
100% [a]

58. The hardest tissue of human body
Lamentum [a]

59.Best indicator of racial phenotype
Linguo maxillar
Cranio facial
Mandibulo maxillar
Odonto sphenoid [b]

60.turner’s syndrome is caused by
non dysjunction
dysjunction [b]

61.baldness is not hereditary T/F[F]

62.ulotrichous form of hair is characteristic of
Indian [a]

63.for screening letter bombs the following equipment is best suited
periscope [b]

64.mortar ammunition has the following range of caliber
20 mm to 40 mm
30-40 mm
50-160 mm
180-200 mm [c]

65.In the series of bomb explosions that occurred in 2000 in AP explosive used was
Gelatin [d]

66.explosives ultra sensitive to heat shock and friction does not burn are referred to as
non initiators
pentamers [b]

67.water gels are
Ammonium nitrate based
Ammonium nitrite based
Ammonium chloride based
Ammonium hypo chloride based [a]

68.C4 military explosives contain PETN T/F[F] [ RDX]

69.Military bursting charge explosive used in world war II
KClO2 [b]

70.temperature sensitive explosives are best analyzed by
Electro phoresis

71.Fingerprint pattern of unique spectrum for organic explosives is obtained by
UV spectrum
IR spectrum
GCMS [b]

72.unique fingerprint pattern for inorganic explosives is obtained by
UV spectrum
IR spectrum
X RAY Diffraction
GC [c]

73.the study of following helps in identification of wood
Xylem pattern
Phloem pattern
Growth rings
Thickness of wood [c]

74.the ingredient in paint that gives colour and opacity is
a thinner
divider [c]

75.binder in paint helps in hardening and holding T/F [T]

76.the other name for binder is vehicle T/F [T]

77.the following paint on dryness leaves unpleasant odour
enamel paint
oil paint
latex paint
acrylic paint [c]

78.acrylic paints use the following binder
polymerizing [b]

79.the paints used in architecture
latex [a]

80.distemper in masonry works use water based paints T/F [T]

81. if complex ions are present in paint, the choice of technique for detection is
spectro graphy
video graphy
X Ray diffraction [d]

82.Pyrolysis gas chromatography can identify constituents absolutely T/F [F]

83.Pyrolysis gas chromatography is non destructive in nature T/F [F]

84.infrared Spectrophotometry is a destructive method T/F[F]

85.anesthetic drug that may cause methhaemoglobin anemia
NO [a]

86.di chloro vos comes under the category of
organo phosphate
chlorinated hydrocarbon
high molecular weight hydrocarbon [b]

87.expand FTIR [Fourrier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy identifies characterizes quantifies and reveals functional groups]

88.rate at which alcohol is absorbed into the blood stream does not depend on mood T/F[F]

89.fat bones and hair contain little alcohol because
they are non destructible
low content of water
more opaque [c]

90.if blood is not available for alcohol determination as an alternative the following cam be taken
sinovial fluid
cerebro spinal fluid
nasal secretion
mucus [b]

91.Alcohol in breath is proportional to alcohol in blood T/F[T]

92.Breath analyzer measures
Blood alcohol
Urine alcohol
Detoxified alcohol
Alveolar alcohol [d]

93.Reinsch test in toxicology is employed to detect
Organo phosphates
Heavy metals
Pyrethroids [c]

94.the intersection problems in trace forgeries in documents are best studies by SEM T/F [T]

95.bio hazard emergency in 2001 in USA was on account of
cholera [c]

96.a bio hazard that vanishes without trace
cholera toxin
water pollutant
fungal toxin [b]

97.To preclude the possibility of false positive on account of vegetable source in blood presumptive tests
cooling and thawing of sample stain
heating the stain to 1000
rinse in water and extract with saline
soak in dilute alkali [b]

98.To preclude the possibility of false positive on account of chemical oxidants in blood presumptive tests
Add H2O2 and later dye
Add dye and later H2O2
Add both simultaneously
Add H2 O2 only [b]

99.To test human blood human sera is used T/F [F] [ use anti - human sera is used]

100.poison used to kill roman emperor CLADIUS
algaegymnosperms [a] [ death cap mushroom].


Thursday, January 25, 2007

all india question bank 500
sarada avadhanam

Smt Sarada Avadhanam

1.Avinash Bajaj was arrested in connection with
a.Purveying pornography on the internet
b.Obscene photos on cell phone
c.Sending obscene e-mails
d.Cell cloning [a]

2.Anara Gupta of Jammu And Kashmir was in news because of controversy in case of
Video authentication
Audio authentication
Sending viruses
Involved in software theft [a]

3.Srilankan Foreign Affairs Minister was murdered using
Attack with deadly weapon
Sniper [d]

4.Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai the film celebs attracted media attention due to
Video authentication
Audio authentication
Poaching [b]

5.Scientific examination and analysis of data on computer for presentation in court of law
Video authentication
Computer analysis
Cyber analysis
Computer/cyber forensics [d]

6.E-records are not read as records [ true/ false] [f]

7.Modems speed is measured in
Dbs [a]

8.A computer that connects a local network to the internet letting only certain kinds of information
Fire way
Highway [c]

9.Dos in computer is
Operating system
Application software
Utility software
Computer language [a]

10. the following element in GSR is not amenable for NAA
Cu [a]

11.Gliding metal contains
Cu, Zn
Cu, Al
Au, Fe
Cu, Ni [a]

12.Tar is the street name for
Chloral hydrate [a]

13.Dillie- koppanyal reagent detects
Alcohol [a]

14.the resin separated from ganja is
Methaqualone [a]

15.An enzyme to act as a genetic marker for forensic purposes should show/ should not show polymorphism with high degree of hetereozygosity

15A.Serum grouping are dependent on rbc blood groups t/f [f]

16.Mitochondrial DNA is
Double helical
Single helical [c]

17.In identification of missing person or reference source can be
Mother and father
Paternal relative
Maternal relative
None [c]

18.Nuclear DNA is inherited from
Father alone
Mother alone
None [c]

19.To know the type of animal involved in poaching the best technique would be
Lysis [b]

20.Among the following which one is best suited for DNA typing
Premolars [c]

21.Section 30 of Arms Act stipulates arrest of person without warrant when arm is used for unlawful purpose T/F [T]

22.Serum is
Plasma without fibrin
Plasma and fibrin
Plasma and red cells
Plasma and leucocytes [a]

23.Dead body does not drain but bleeds heavily T/F [F]

24.Erythroblasto faetalis hormone is associated with
ABO system
Rh system
MVS system
HLA system [b]

25. if an AB father and a BO mother have a child
The child has 20% chance of being B
75% chance of being AB
50% chance of being B
25% chance of being O [c]

26.Tekhmen test is sometimes very effective if the blood has been collected from wood/ leather T/F [F]

27.Pressure of epithelial cell with high content of glycogen is them indicates its origin from
Prostate gland
Liver [a]

28.Hb variant that occur only in black population
HbM [c]

29.The Hb variant which the body ceases to manufacture after birth
HbG [c]

30.People often change from secretor status to non secretor status T/F [F]

31.For best preservation of seminal stained garment
It should not be folded at all
It should always be folded
Avoid folding in stained area
Scrape stained area and fold [c]

32.Individual variation in writing is associated with
None [a,b,c]

33.Drugs/ alcohol does not alter one’s writing T/F [F]

34.When two signatures exactly superimpose one over the other it is
Traced forgery
Copy forgery
Simulated forgery
None [a]

35.Material of which age/period of disputed writing is most suitable for analysis
2-3 years
4-5 years
Within one year
Six months [a]

36.Condition of rubber in type writer is not material in examination T/F [F]

37.When inks of dissimilar chemical composition are used best technique to detect the same would be
IR Light
UV light
Stereoscope [a]

38.A charred document is deciphered using
UV photography
IR photography
X ray photography
Laser photography [b]

39. In deciphering indented writing- the instrument used is ___________________
[electrostatic detection apparatus]

39A.Presence of cells of endometrial origin is indicative of
Uterine blood
Intestinal blood
Prostatic blood
Lung blood [a]

40.Substance used as truth serum is an ingredient in serum T/F [F]

41.Person subjected to Narco analysis is under a state of great excitation T/F [F]

42.RDX explosive was used in the attempt to kill the ex CM of AP T/F [F]

43.Telgi, the kingpin in stamps scam revealed the names of his partners in
P300 wave test
DNA test
Voice test
None [a]

44.The guilt of Amarmani Tripathi , minister was proved using the
DNA and polygraph
Brain fingerprinting and DNA
Voice analysis and polygraph
Cell phone tapping and permagraph [a]

45.Police busted the mystery around Mohammed , involved in sand mining by using
Brain fingerprinting
DNA fingerprinting
Sniffer dogs [a]

46.Harrington case received national attention which featured
Polygraph test
DNA test
Narco analysis [a]

47.Trisha, a film celebrity was in news because
Her obscene picture was shown in Bazee. Com
She was highest and ideal tax payer in the country
Involved in mafia gang activities
Shown positive for HIV [A]

48.A choking gas used to kill enemy in a war
Chloro aceto phenone
Diphenyl chloro arsine
Hydroxyl cyanic acid [b]